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Planning out the run sheet for your big day can be so overwhelming and complicated if you do not know what to include or how much time you should allocate to each part of your day. I have put together a guide that will help run your big day smoothly without ripping out all your hair missing vital parts of your big day. This is a very general rule of thumb which you can use as a template to plan your own wedding - and customise it how you like!


Also take account in travel time to and from each location !


IMPORTANT: If you have a videographer as well, I would recommend adding another 30 minutes to each prep, and ensure that they have enough time to setup for ceremony (30 mins before it starts usually). If you do not cater to this - you will not have enough time for coverage.

Groom Getting Ready (1 hour - 1.5 hours)

Starting off with the details such as the suit, watch and details the groom will be wearing - no story is complete without every single piece. Before they suit up - we will capture moments of them relaxing and being themselves. This part is very important because it'll show the bride what the boys get up to before the ceremony (that she doesn't get to see on the day! looking back on the photos will definitely be worth your while even if you feel like this part of the day isn't necessary, it's just as important as bride getting ready).
Please leave out: suit, shoes, cufflinks, watch, tie, socks, cologne and anything else groom will be wearing before getting dressed.

If parents are at the same location - make sure they are dressed and ready.

Bride Getting Ready (1.5hours - 2hours)


With epic photos of the wedding dress, shoes and accessories to having a toast with your bridesmaids in your robes before getting changed - this is where all the months of planning have come to! With final touches of makeup, putting on that dress, and perfecting the bride for the big day! Can even throw in father's first look in here too!

TIP: Time your schedule so that when I arrive, all the hair and makeup is completed and final touches are just needed. Otherwise your run sheet will go overtime... 


Hang the dress or place it nearby where you want the hanging shot 

Leave out: wedding invite, flowers, shoes, perfume, jewellery and any other accessories 

If parents are at same location - make sure they are dressed and ready too !

Traditions (1 hour - 2 hours)


We live in a diverse culture with many traditions involved for our wedding day ! If you have any traditions such as games or tea ceremony for example, it adds to your story with all the laughter and emotive moments during the traditions!

Tea ceremony: 1 hour , if at two locations take account for time travelling in between.
Tea ceremony plus games: 1 hour 30 mins