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$880 AUD per hour inclusive of online gallery with all the photos colour graded to my signature style in high resolution.


Generally most weddings are around 10 hours which cover the essentials of getting ready, ceremony, unlimited location shoots and reception formalities. However there are also weddings that can be up to 17 hours onwards due to cultural wedding traditions and tea ceremonies. Please note, once arrival to groom prep (usually first to cover), time between brides, ceremony, locations and reception are included in the coverage and cannot be "paused". If you need more hours, that can be added on if you wish for me to stay right till the end.


Unsure of how many hours? I can whip up a draft photo runsheet of how the day could pan out if you know where you're both getting ready, the ceremony location and time as well as the reception location and start time :) 

10 HOURS: $8,800 |
12 HOURS: $10,560

14 HOURS: $12,320 | 16 HOURS: $14,080


Scroll down for FAQs or click on this arrow:



You can message me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can in relation to any help leading up to the wedding! Putting together how the day will go based on what you're after to make sure it runs smooth :)



All of the photos taken will be delivered in high resolution which can be used for personal use such as printing enlargements and your own albums. Also there will be no ugly watermark slapped on your memories.



Presented in the order of time we captured your moments, go through your own online gallery as many times as you want ! This can also be easily shared onto social media such as Facebook or shared via email to family and friends.



All photos back in under 2 weeks - don't wait 4-6 months + 


With multi angle coverage, from close to wide, get a different perspective through my eyes.

All photos will be backed up onto two SD cards throughout the day and immediately backed up onto hard drive forever so you can rest easy knowing that your big day is safe and sound. The hard drives will never be formatted.



All photos will be colour graded to the styles as shown in the galleries on the website.



The photos will be online indefinitely (until the hosting provider decides to close down) and forever archived on my offline hard disk storage - so you will never have to worry about losing files or photos post wedding day.


Additional hours coverage: $880 AUD P/H
After a pre shoot instead? Min Charge $2K:  

Click here to view! 

Albums & Wall Art Prints: Upon request, price varies depending on combination

Destination Wedding: Flights & Accomodation covered by you 


To secure your big day, send over an enquiry to get the ball rolling!

$800 AUD is required and remainder settled 7 days before your big day.


You'll receive a text from me shortly !


What is your shooting style?

Crackalackin': you'll laugh at me and each other. I very much love celebrating the big day of you and your partner and like to be remembered for being a fun, easy going and authentic wedding photographer.

Documentary: I will put together the story of your big day from getting ready to the end of reception when you both farewell family and guests as they unfold. Little direction and prompts if needed to make your day run smoothly and more efficient.

Non obtrusive:  I am very weary of the guests during ceremony and traditions so you can expect that they can also enjoy your big day without being blocked by my fat ass. I do this by using lenses that seem like I'm really up close but I'm actually hidden away somewhere you won't even notice.


Ninja: roaming around capturing giggles, interactions with guests and family, emotive moments, and everything apart of your big day! By the time you find out I have taken the photo, it's already too late ;)

Do you do videography as well?

I highly recommend, I am just a one man photo team, so I'll leave it to the pro to do video.

Do you do pencil bookings? 
First come, first serve. No pencil bookings, $800 to lock in your big day.


We've never done photos before and don't know how to pose.

This is very common. To me, it's not about posing but small directions here and there. The real magic happens between the love you have for each other. I just simply, capture them. I give prompts usually to help out and also the energy from your bridal party will also contribute to the lively atmosphere of your wedding. P.S. All the married couples on my website are not professional models! 


What if it rains during the day?

We will grab the umbrellas and embrace in nature. Rain makes everything so much more epic. If it rains heavy, we will seek options under cover because the last thing you want is your hair and makeup soaked.

How many photos will we receive?

I don't necessarily shoot based on numbers - but more on how many different moments can I capture. 

If you wanted a number figure- generally about 80+ photos an hour.

When will we receive our wedding photos!?

Your wedding gallery will be finished no later than 2 weeks.


Do you do physical albums?
If you decided to get the hand crafted album, After your online gallery is completed, select the photos you'd like to be in the album and I should have a draft of your slides in your gallery and if you are happy with it or want to make some small changes - this can be arranged and then sent off to get printed AFTER YOU GIVE ME THE THUMBS UP ! So another 10 business days for the album to arrive after the online gallery has been delivered :) 

How do you receive our wedding photos?

There used to be a time where CDs and USBs were popular but deemed to be unreliable with postage. The best way to receive them now is in an online gallery which is backed up as well. All photos are available in high resolution and can be saved, printed or whatever you would like to do with them. 

How do you backup our wedding photos?

Throughout the day, all photos will be recorded onto two SD cards. Moreover, they will also be backed up onto my hard drive and online on the cloud. So you can rest assured that the photos will not be lost or never delivered.

What kind of gear do you use?

I have two A7iii bodies to use on the day which both have dual card slot recordings which prevent me from losing any photos if a card corrupts (has never happened) Better safe than sorry. Also have a variety of lenses that go from 14mm to 200mm :) I also shoot with two cameras at all times to capture different angles and moments that happen at the same time.

What if you're sick?
I have a close connection with a lot other talented photographers that will be able to take my spot if I'm unavailable. If in a situation that no one is available - a full refund will be sent back as well as a complimentary session.

Do you have a secondary shooter?

I no longer shoot with another shooter - I've done weddings solo with close to 500 guests - getting all the essentials and photos with all the guests if it is scheduled into the runsheet before reception as guests arrive.

To quote a couple:
"He is equivalent to 5-6 photographers and very easy going"

Do you have insurance?
Yes I do have insurance for all my equipment and public liability insurance.

Do you travel?
Yes - flights & accomodation can be arranged by yourself or reimbursed :) 

Do you have any dietary requirements?
I have gout... which means I can't drink alcohol or eat lobster - or prefer no seafood ~

Otherwise a kids or dessert meals with 20 cokes will suffice HAHAHA

Do you do meetings?

Upon request - most of the time I never meet couples until the day as long as I have runsheet of the day. 
Meetings are usually done at Westfield Doncaster.

If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me an enquiry and I'd be happy to answer anything that comes along your way! <3


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